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Welder Certification And Qualification

Welder certification and qualification are just what it says. It is the process of evaluating a welders technique and quality as compared to written industrial requirements first by visual inspection then followed by another destructive testing as required such as bend, X-ray, metallographic, etch, or tensile. All to attest to the fact that the welder can weld to a certain quality level.

Welding Procedure Writing

Each welder must weld according to an established procedure. In order to be a qualified procedure, the welder must have his technique qualified. This requires visual and destructive tests to verify the strength requirements of the metal is met. The welder supplies a welded plate or pipe for this testing.

Certified Weld Inspection (CWI and CAWI)

Welding inspectors are required to be certified to inspect welds. The most popular and widely accepted certification is that through the American Welding Society. They certify inspectors and educators through classes and certification testing for those who can qualify to experience requirements.