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Certified Weld Inspection (CWI and CAWI)

Welding inspectors are required to be certified to inspect welds. The most popular and widely accepted certification is that through the American Welding Society. They certify inspectors and educators through classes and certification testing for those who can qualify to experience requirements.

Structural Welding Inspectors

Structural welding inspectors are most times also CWI's who specialize in building and bridge codes. Most are dully qualified in ultrasonics, magnetic particle and penetrant techniques. Structural inspectors are required to maintain that building and bridge are performed to code requirements.

PVDF and Plastics inspection

 Our inspectors are trained to perform plastics piping inspections on fused and welded plastic piping systems. Most of these systems are involved with microchip and pharmaceutical  piping systems.

Orbital Weld Inspection

Orbital welding encompasses piping mostly fron 1/4 inch to 2 inch diameter.
this welding is performed by a welder setting up an automatic machine that when all conditions are properly set will automatically perform the pipe weld.

Boroscope  Inspection

Boroscope inspection is used in the microchip, pharmaceutical, and aircraft industry mainly. Its application is to be able to remotely inspect in unaccessable areas. Most of our inspections involve remotely inspecting the inside of pipe welds for acceptance.

Thickness Reading and Inspection

Thickness inspection Is a ultrasonic technique that requires only one side of the part to be acessable. Thickness is performed on tanks, piping systems, boiler tubes and the like.